Simulation and Analysis of Molding Injection with SolidWorks – the GREENING IE project online training course

The Low Carbon Economy Foundation, in collaboration with esteemed partners including ARCES Association, Palestinian Polytechnic University, and Irbid National University, successfully conducted an enriching online training session as part of the “GREENING-IE” project. This initiative aims to foster a green culture within industrial engineering and vocational education and training disciplines.

The session, held on November 27, 2023, featured Dr. José V. Abellán-Nebot, an Associate Professor at Universitat Jaume I, Spain, as the lead instructor. He expertly guided participants through the intricacies of Simulation and Analysis of Molding Injection using SolidWorks.

The training program was meticulously structured, beginning with a warm welcome from the Low Carbon Economy Foundation. It progressed through a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical computer sessions. Participants delved into Injection Molding basics, Filling Analysis, Compact Analysis, and common Injection Defects. The theoretical sessions were complemented by two extensive computer sessions, allowing attendees to apply their learning in a simulated environment.

To reinforce the training, digital support materials, including lecture notes and guides for the computer sessions, were provided. This comprehensive approach ensured that participants not only gained theoretical insights but also practical skills critical for advancing green practices in industrial engineering.

As the world moves towards sustainability, initiatives like GREENING-IE project play a pivotal role in reshaping education and practices in technical fields. The training session marks a significant step towards integrating environmental consciousness into industrial engineering, preparing a new generation of professionals adept in green technologies and sustainable practices.

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