ARCES, founded in 1976, is a private non-profit organisation. It operates
in the field of vocational education and training (VET), with the primary
goal of acting as an intermediary between the supply and demand of the
labour market.
ARCES is a counseling and career guidance center (DDG 2374/2014) and
an Employment Agency (DDG n. 1704/2015) accredited by the Sicilian
Region, offering continuous training activities to students, young
unemployed people, and adult learners interested in improving their soft
and technical skills. It provides training in a variety of areas such as ICTs,
business development, agrifood, tourism, cultural heritage, blue
economy, circular economy, and so on.
ARCES was designated as a University College of Merit by the Ministry of
University and Research in 1991 because it contributes to the Ministry’s
efforts by providing ongoing and post-university teaching, counselling,
and tutoring to students. It joined the European University College
Association (EuCA) and received ISO 9001 certification in 2008.
ARCES gained extensive experience in the management of European
projects co-financed under several EU programmes, including Erasmus+
(KA1 and KA2), Interreg Italy-Malta, ENI CBC MED 2014-2020, EU Youth
Guarantee, and the LLP/Leonardo da Vinci Programme, thanks to its
European Programmes and International Cooperation Unit. Many of
these EU-funded projects are aimed at improving, upskilling, and training
young people, adults, unemployed, job seekers, and NEETs.